• Agenda
    Day 1
  • June 8, 2020

From a ‘Selling’ to a ‘Buying’ environment

Know about the ABCs of creating a fast paced, interactive and fun shopping environment to engage with and stimulate buying emotions of the hyper-connected consumers. Importantly, what does it take to create a brand that customers are happy to promote?

Attract, engage, retain

Being customer-centric is not new. It has existed since the term retail was coined. Over time, the means and ways of creating a wow customer experience have changed, as the customer continues to transform. Customer experience, after all, is a continuous process to understand the needs of and engage with customers. The CX roundtable will bring together great minds from retail groups who are consistently decoding and positively disrupting the rules of customer engagement.

Understanding digital transformation

Digital transformation journey is determined by the way retail is evolving and how brands and business are adapting to it. Businesses are embracing the new digital forces shaping the future, to maximise efficiency and performance. Today, businesses also realise that many moving parts – from technology pieces to people – have to work together for the success of digital. This panel discussion will focus on the key elements that determine the success of a retailer’s digital transformation journey.


The art of delighting customers

Personalisation, engagement, inspiration are some oft-used terms to define the relationship between a brand and its customer. The end goal, importantly, is to never allow a customer to leave a store, website or app disappointed. Towards this end, retailers are working to fulfil every customer demand at the touch of a finger. This panel discussion will focus on what it takes to understand customer psyche and truly delight them – not once, but every time they shop with a brand.

Collaborations to wow customers

The session will curate case studies with a focus on how retailers are collaborating with subject matter experts to optimise their CX capability, to upskill employees to better engage with customers, to analyse data to bridge engagement gaps.

Building a CX-first mindset

Home-grown start-ups and entrepreneurs to pitch their stories of building great relationships with customers.