Alex Andarakis, Founder & Managing Director, Andarakis Advisory Services /

A thirst for finding meaning in everything he does has led Alex Andarakis to a career which has never run short of momentum, energy and reinvention. Andarakis has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to combine strong, insight-driven strategic development with an inspiring, creative product to create an implementation-enabled organisation with the triple objective of ‘inspiring, propelling and partnering’ with corporations, brands and individuals. A true believer in identifying and developing talent has also seen Andarakis play the role of mentor to many of the region’s CEOs across both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. During his three-decade long experience he has set up Andarakis Advisory Services and has been engaged with McKinsey & Company as global senior external advisor. In addition, he has been in senior roles in companies including Omniyat Properties, Emaar Properties, Aujan Industries and Unilever Africa, Middle East, Turkey & Russia. An appreciation of art, culture, travel and music lies at the heart of his creativity.