Allan Chapman, VP – IT & Logistics, Dubai Duty Free /

Allan Chapman joined Dubai Duty Free in February 1998 having worked as an external consultant for Dubai Duty Free and other clients in Dubai.  He currently holds the position of Vice President IT & Logistics and reports to the Executive Vice President Corporate Services.  From 1987 to 1988, he was a member of the development and implementation team for the legacy applications.  In 2001, He functioned as the technical lead during the implementation of the Oracle E-business Suite.  He has participated in all of the major initiatives of the company from integration of Point of Sale to the back-office systems, to projects such as EFT and EMV and more recently on the PCI-DSS initiative and Dynamic Currency Conversion.  From 2006 until the opening of Concourse B and Terminal 3 in 2008, he focused on the implementation of the Oracle Retail Suite and the integration with the Material Handling and Control System, which drives the Automated Distribution Centre. His current area of interest is digital marketing, and customer engagement.