Bernhard Schweitzer, Owner, Schweitzer Group /

Bernhard Schweitzer was born in 1969 in Bolzano. After his graduation, he studied Economics at the University of Bocconi in Milan. Even before and during his time at university he took over different stages of responsibility in the family business. In 1996, having completed his university degree, he joined Schweitzer full-time. As his first “project” his father put him in charge of Interstore, the design agency of Schweitzer. Founded in 1987 by Norbert Schweitzer, Interstore had taken a backseat at that time because of other projects. But as soon as Schweitzer took over, Interstore started to thrive, concluding important design contracts on national and global levels. After joining the company, Schweitzer contributed significantly to the company’s worldwide development and growth. In 2008, he took over the responsibility of the entire Schweitzer Group. Since then the company has experienced double-digit growth rates with business sites in North America, Asia and Europe.