The creative force behind Izil Cosmetics, Mouna Abassy is an authentic Berber as her father descends from one of the oldest Berber families in the Atlas region. She first got deepened in Argan Oil during her assignment with the Moroccan antenna of OXFAM Quebec when she was in charge of finding funds to support Argan local co-operatives develop and modernise. Despite enjoying a successful career at one of the world’s largest beauty corporations, Abbassy stayed true to her Moroccan-Berber heritage. The traditional hammam, Argan oil and rhassoul clay were just some of the natural staples of her beauty routine that inspired her to establish an all-natural skincare brand- IZIL. But it was only in September 2012 – when her child was one-year old – that she started investigating the possibility of creating a business on her own. One year and a lot of hard work later, IZIL was an accomplished brand ready to be launched