Saad Umerani,-Co-Founder & CEO, Protein Bakeshop

Saad Umerani is the co-founder and CEO of Protein Bakeshop, a Dubai-based healthy snacks company founded in 2014. Protein Bakeshop develops healthy, guilt-free snacks that don’t compromise on taste. Umerani is also passionate about start-ups and technology. He is the founding partner at Enabling Future, a Dubai-based venture capital firm that makes seed and early stage investments in companies in the US and MENA. Some of their notable investments include Cowlar, Thrive Market, Aspiration, AlemHealth, Aspiration and Protein Bakeshop. He is a former technology and social entrepreneur, he founded two fintech software programmes which add efficiency to banks’ lending and KYC processes in the Middle East. The software is currently used by 40 banks in the region and is owned by his family business, ValuStrat. Umerani has previously worked in investment banking, management consulting and technology sectors in the Middle East. He received his bachelor’s in engineering from McMaster University in Canada.