Sian Rowlands-Owner & Chief Storyteller RETOLD

An award-winning F&B and hospitality designer by profession, Sian Rowlands has successfully created and developed several large-scale design projects. Rowlands originally conceived the idea for My Ex Wardrobe when studying for her LEED Green Associate qualification. As the qualification focused on sustainable living, she embarked on a journey to lead a lower-impact lifestyle. Based on this experience, she identified a gap in the local market for a sustainable concept. My Ex Wardrobe rapidly skyrocketed and Rowlands was recognised with two business awards within the first six months. After several years of pursuing My Ex Wardrobe on the side, an inspiring meeting on a trek to Everest’s base camp lead her to enter and win an impressive business competition. This meeting also introduced Rowlands to her new business partner. Launching the brand’s first permanent boutique also inspired a rebrand. Rowlands continues telling the story of pre-loved fashion under a different name. This is the core philosophy behind RETOLD.