Zaid Alqufaidi-Managing director ENOC Retail

Zaid Alqufaidi is the managing director of ENOC Retail. In his current role, Alqufaidi is responsible for the strategic development of ENOC’s retail business stream. An ENOC veteran and a seasoned oil and gas industry professional, Alqufaidi comes to his role with extensive experience across the energy value chain. Alqufaidi held numerous managerial positions and has played an instrumental role in the development of EPPCO’s retail network. He has contributed immensely to bridge the gap between ENOC and EPPCO brands during the formation of the Group’s identity as ENOC. Prior to his current role, Alqufaidi held the position of managing director of ENOC marketing. He was also CEO for EPPCO Group of Companies in 2010. He was previously appointed as manager terminals, distribution and aviation operations in 2000. Alqufaidi first started his career in EPPCO in 1989 as an engineer in the operations department, being promoted to operations and supply coordinator in 1992. He is an engineering graduate from the University of Central Florida, USA.